A Different Perspective

The weekend before Thanksgiving was spent in Nashville, Tennessee. I had never been to the Music City, and to be there particularly for the National Youth Worker Convention made the new experience even more exciting.

During one of the several sessions that I attended that weekend, Conor and I listened to Doug Fields, youth pastor and author, speak about ways to handle living the public life of a youth pastor. He suggested a way to pray that he had read about from another very wise man.

Begin journaling with, “Yesterday I . . .”  and write down the events of the previous day, one right after the other, as much as you can remember. Then ask the Holy Spirit, “Okay, what did I miss? What were you trying to teach me in those moments?”

Today I sat clicking through the blogosphere and I came across this word: NaBloPoMo. As much as it sounds like a rare cardiovascular disease, it is nothing of the sort. National Blog Posting Month is a movement among bloggers in which a month is taken to post everyday on a common topic. With it being the first of the month, I thought the timing was impeccable.

In my perusing I found the topic for February: perspective. Doing some free writing brought me to the memory above. I walk through each day with a single perspective, which is my own selfish worldview. What if at the end of each day for the month of February I looked back at my day and said, “Holy Spirit, what did you see?” How would my perspective change?

That’s what February is going to be: a month of a different perspective.  I’d like you to come along with me.