The Cellar

It has become important to me to make my living space as comfortable as possible. I long not only for a physically comfortable place to rest a tired body, but also aesthetically pleasing decor that prompts the soul within that tired body to find peace and a deep sense of coziness. I have found that it is easier to create such an environment in certain places rather than others.

Before moving into my three bedroom, one bathroom college house this past fall, I consulted with my four housemates on the decorative musings that I had floating in my mind. They gave me free reign to slip cover the hideous couches, hang pictures, and do something that I have longed to do for quite some time: create a studio to make jewelry in.

Having never seen the house before moving in, it was rather intriguing to walk down into the basement to find exposed beams, wires, and pipes decorating the ceiling, as well as a plethora of eight-legged friends to welcome me and bead-focused brain. My favorite part of this basement was by far was the gaping hole in the east brick wall that leads to a very dark, very dirty, very frightening crawl space. Oh boy, I thought to myself, this is not going to work. Stepping back I evaluated the space again and saw the ceiling height that was just tall enough for me to pass under comfortably, the built in shelves under the stairs, the cement ledge along the south wall, and the one available power outlet in the whole basement. My thoughts switched quickly to, No, this will work.

And it did.

I have come to love the surprising ways that God blesses us. This basement studio–or the cellar, as I like to call it–has taught me many lessons in patience and cleaning, creativity with wall hangings to hide unwanted, immovable things, and persistence with the campus physical plant to finally get that leaky shower pipe fixed. Divine providence allowed for an extra desk in our dining room which my lovely friends helped me move downstairs. After several hours of sweat and extremely brown mop water, I had myself my first ever studio.

Comfort, peace, and most importantly, a place that allows God’s creativity to flow through my fingers into the beads and coins that I love to work with. I love serving a creative God, it makes my life so much more fun.

Selfishly, I pray that in each place that I live for the rest of my life God allows me to have my own space to work and bead. And while I’m being selfish, I also pray that I never have to vacuum the ceilings of such places for spiders ever again. Amen.

(All photos taken by Kian Hashemi-Rad)